How to Resolve Outlook Is Not Sending Email | Stuck Outbox

Nowadays, many people are complaining that they are sending emails, or are stuck in an outbox account. If you are also troubling by the same issue then in this article you can

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Note: This solution is applied to all Outlook versions, together with Outlook 2013.

Actually, there could not be any reason why would not send an email. So to resolve this issue, first of all, check whether you receive an error message while sending or receiving operation or not.

In case you come across an error message that means there is a problem while you send the email.

Most likely this issue occurs because of a communication problem between your outgoing mail server and Outlook, thus the email is stuck in Outbox.

Check that your Internet service provider doesn’t block the port number. Actually, some service providers block port 25 or other ports that are normally used by SMTP or an outgoing mail server.

Make sure your mail server settings are up to date. Sometimes, email service provider change authentication methods or port numbers, so it may not be working anymore as the outgoing email server settings were altered, even if your Outlook account accessed to send emails without any troubles.

Check you didn’t exceed the hourly or daily email send quota

Make sure your message size is between 10 – 20 Mb, as Outbox emails are not intended to be very large attachments. For more details, visit Outlook Customer Service .

If you deal with emails stuck issue and you are not able to fix it then call experts via Outlook Customer Service Phone Number listed at oneclickcustomerservice directory and let experts handle your issue with ease.